We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Election Law Proposal – 20 points to greatness. It will take courage to do!!

  1. Permit Recall Petitions for all elected offices and Judges.
  2. No campaign contributions from outside the state for anyone running for a state office no matter federal, state, or local.
  3. One person one vote with voter ID
  4. A three-day weekend of voting Saturday Sunday Monday or Friday Saturday Sunday. This would probably mean less need for fewer voting places.
    • This eliminates the one-day voting complaints.
  5. Absentee ballots under strict control
  6. No one-party control of voter services in any County or city –
  7. No voting machines to be connected to the Internet all voting machines 2 display voting count on individual machines and these totals to be visible to all poll workers.
  8. Signature verification at all levels.
  9. Immediate purging of all voter rolls of dead people from either Social Security or probate court records
  10. No mail-in voting!!!!! only absentee with controls (ID & signatures)
  11. No votes accepted after the last voting day!!!! That is why a 3-day voting weekend.
  12. No early voting !! This will allow for news that occurs up to the very end of campaigning because of the impact it can have on voter decisions.
  13. Registration to end 30 days prior to the election date.
  14. Registrant must have legally resided in the state for 120 days.
  15. Voting polls must be manned by at least one representative from each candidate running in the election in that district.
  16. All voting places and counting places to be under surveillance 24/7 by cameras available to anyone to view and record.
  17. Minimum five-year prison term for anyone who illegally fills in voter registration forms does vote harvesting, takes advantage of incapacitated voters, or in any way violates voter laws.
  18. Term limits on all political positions:
    1. 18 years Senators same for federal
    2. 12 years House same for federal
    3. All State Judges including State Supreme courts to be appointed by Governor and approved by Senate.  All Judges can be recalled by citizens of the state.
  19. All polling places must have members of all parties and or representatives of the candidates.
  20. Eliminate the primary system and make it a run-off election to allow for easier access to serving in government by more people. This will take away the monopoly the present 2 parties have on giving us only their choices. The vast majority of Americans are not active in a party and would rather not have only a 2-party system.